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TPLY - Formply


EWPAA Certification

Ta Ann Tasmania’s new plywood plant at Smithton is producing a high quality form ply product for the Australian building and construction industry.

TPLY ( is a new premium grade, Super E zero-emission product which has strong bonding strength for the rigours of outdoor weather conditions and building construction sites.

We have worked closely with the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia (EWPAA) to independently test and certify that our plywood products meet the highest Australian engineering standards.

TPLY is certified under the EWPAA product certification scheme to meet AS/NZS 6669. All products carry the EWPAA stamp of accreditation to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards under a JAS-ANZ accredited, third party audited quality control program that is internationally recognised.

Our company is committed to research and development to improve the range of a higher quality ply for building and architectural applications.



TPLY Formply is manufactured from PEFC certified wood veneers glued with synthetic adhesives and overlayed with phenolic impregnated papers”, also called phenolic surface films. The phenolic surface film is often referred as plastic face”. TPLY Formply is manufactured according to the Australian Standard for Plywood Formwork AS 6669. This standard specifies requirements for:

  • Quality of the outer surface i.e. Class 2, Class 3 etc.

  • Bond quality and durability

  • Thickness, length, width

  • Flatness at the time of manufacture

  • Stress grading and structural properties

  • Quality of the overlay

  • Water permeability

  • Alkaline resistance

Formply is usually sold on the basis of surface class, stress-grade and bond quality, for example, “Class 2 F17 A Bond”.

Timber requirements

Ta Ann Tasmania processes regrowth Eucalypt logs from native forest and suitable plantation logs to meet required veneer properties and quality requirements.


It is important to note that to meet our environmental commitments all timber supplied to Ta Ann Tasmania must meet:

  • The conditions of the existing Wood Supply Agreements & Market Compact.

  • PEFC certification via the Australian Forestry Standard.

TPLY - Structure Ply

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