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A walkers hut for

Frenchman's Cap, Tasmania

The Frenchman's Cap walkers hut was built by Valley Workshop, using the building systems designed by Warren French Architect and elevations by Green Design Architects.

Valley Workshop is using TPLY as the outer skin and internal grillage system for the Valley Workshop Structural Insulated Panels (eSIPs). This is value adding to the supply chain and creating a market for sustainably managed Tasmanian logs processed into veneers and plywood by Ta Ann Tasmania.

The walkers hut construction is a 9 star building for the use by bushwalkers hiking to the summit of Frenchman's Cap, Tasmania. All the structure and joinery were prefabricated offsite and flown in flat packed via helicopter.

The hut will be enjoyed by the general public for many years to come.

Visit for full details on the build.

IMAGES: Showing flat pack prefabricated panels being delivered by helicopter to the site, internal lining, and the final construction of the hut.

Images provided by Valley Workshop.

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